Friday, February 28, 2020

Construction Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Construction - Term Paper Example The aim of this paper includes giving the information about the idea of what is Building Information Modeling and the benefits that it could offer on the part of the construction industry, to the people, and the government as well. This offers advantages of learning to anyone being interested about IBM and how it could be utilize from construction neophytes to architecture firms who has the desire of learning the subject. Strategies that leads to benefits Best strategies require flexibility in course between the inevitable internal problems to be able to proceed with the continuity and face the demands in the present changing world. There is a clear distinction between the difference of strategic action and strategic plans. Strategy should not just be like a statement of intent; benefit centered to the company but must be based on the needs, benefits, and enjoyment of the public as well as the government Legal Regulatory, Ethical and Customary Constraints As the Section 103 of the Ge neral Municipal Law defines, competitive bidding is required in all the public work construction and must settle all the permits as it is required by all the government agencies. Competitive bidding is also required to hold legal, regulatory, ethical and customary constraints, public report every five years and is expected to detail the projects with the application for exception if there is, the method of procurement, the procurement it self and the outcome or the result in the duration and costs. Traditional method of procurement as has been accepted by the public, as the general rule, was preserved by these amendments but extends the flexibility by some agencies in trying other methods if determined to be appropriate based on certain criteria that prevents favoritism and promote competitive competition. Regarding the method of procurement, requirements in the reporting gives way to the Legislature and the governor the evaluation with regard to the experiences of the agencies inli ne with the use of the alternate procurement methods. Benefits Offer Respective local government where the project is located often times is the stakeholder of most of the city projects. Although the success like in the use of the BIM are made by the interaction exchanges between the Engineers and the Architects, the final outcome of the project is always considered an asset value on the part of the Local Government being considered the biggest real state owners. Some of the benefits include the following. †¢ Facilitates the visualization of the entire Building Life Cycle Management †¢ High Accuracy †¢ Save Time and Money †¢ Risk Mitigation by timely conflict detection †¢ Ease in producing of high quality, accurate and precise construction documents †¢ Construction planning and Management by combination of design and construction I. Proposed Project BIM work Plan Requirement shall be asked to be submitted for approval f the project. Proposed project BIM Work Plans shall include the demonstration regarding the strategy using the Building Information Modeling in materializing project deliverables. 1. BIM Work Plan Design – The Design team, as a part of the proposal, will be designated to submit the BIM Work Plan that includes the Following: a. Proposed BIM Software that will be used in the project b. Proposed Trainings and Workshops regarding the BIM c. Compliance with the requirements of the project d. Integration on the BIM as per Design Document Submission Standards e. Filing of the formats that

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