Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The strategic plan for your organization Assignment

The strategic plan for your organization - Assignment Example An appropriate implementation plan of Davivienda bank will help it to transform the developed planned projects into actual service provision (Jeffes, 2008). Figure 1: Implementation and Planning (Source: Standard bank, 2011). The above chart shows the various activities that encompass the planning and implementation of an organization. Thus, it becomes highly rational to analyze and set an efficient implementation plan for the Davivienda bank of Columbia. Objectives The recessionary trails in the contemporary world have reduced velocity of circulation of money in many economies. It has been estimated that the scope of banking activities have reduced in Sri Lanka and that has not only affected the economy of the nation, but has also negatively influenced the neighboring economies. The essay has previously incorporated certain growth strategies that would help to reduce the economic crisis in Sri Lank by expanding the scale of banking business. This part of the essay will frame the imp lementation plan with the help of these strategies (DPMC, 2012). The primary objectives to be studied in the implementation plan of Davivienda bank are:- Allocate substantial finances to incorporate the growth strategies. Reduce crisis in the economy by offering varied financial products in different regions of the economy. Introducing financial products that focus on investment banking. Increase the speculative transactions in the economy. Reducing the risks in the transactions of the bank. Facilitating the growth of other banking institutions. Incorporating a strong organizational structure and hierarchy in the bank. Focusing in financial products differentiation. Functional Tactics The functional tactics adopted by the officials of the Davivienda bank are all the small tasks that must be accomplished to implement the desired growth strategies. The functional tactics that are to be executed in the implementation plan are:- Time Horizon: the bank must set an appropriate time span w ithin which it would target to achieve its desired goals and objectives. Resources: only evaluating the required time is not enough, the bank must try to estimate the required resources that would be necessary to execute the implementation plan. Money: the most important resource that is required for completion of any task is money, the Davivienda bank must analyze the gross liquidity required to execute the desired objectives. Strategies: finally the bank must be clear about the core competences and strategies to be incorporated in the implementation plan (Pinson, 2008). Action items The following table explains the action items of the Davivienda bank that are requisites for launching the implementation program. Activities Objectives Implementation Allocate sufficient finance to incorporate the growth strategies. To increase the scale and scope of banking operations and consequently reduce the crisis in the economy. Mobilize maximum possible funds that may be allocated in the expan sionary policies. Offering varied and differentiated financial products. Encouraging individuals to participate in the banking activities. Set

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